Aigul Kazakh and Kyrgyz form of AYGUL.


The most popular names in Turkey for 2021 were Zeynep the Turkish variation of the common Arabic name Zaynab and Yusuf. There are countless Turkish names for girls deriving from Turkish, Arabic, German, Hebrew origins.

" ZLEM Turkish name meaning "yearning.

Chevron - Right.

. Chief deity. One famous example is Ayca Turan, a popular Turkish actress who starred in many television dramas.


Ahu Bright and beautiful. Ahu Bright and beautiful. One who Lives Forever; Gods Most.

The name Adile is usually used for baby girls and has old Germanic and Turkish roots. .

" ZLEM Turkish name meaning "yearning.

The meaning of Adile in Turkish is &39;justice&39; and &39;fairness&39;.

Canan Darling. Gulya a flower 8.

Aysun. Ahu Bright and beautiful.

Moonlight or moon halo, A beautiful girl who is strong a fighter and is so easy to fall in love with.
Turkish girl names.

Turkish girls names.

This is one of the most popular Turkish names for girls.

Aergul A bunch of roses. Gulya a flower 8. Gamze the dimple on the cheek when a person smiles 2.

. Ebru. The most popular Turkish girls names often start with A. 1. Elif the first letter of the Turkish alphabet. .

" Compare with another form of Sanaz.

Alev. Gorkem glory; fame; magnificent 5.



Turkish Girl Names That Start with I.

" ZLEM Turkish name meaning "yearning.